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Selecting objects with circling in a device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246948D
Publication Date: 2016-Jul-18
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When a user tries to copy or select a sentence or image in the touch screen equipment, due to his/her figure’s size or the selection is not very accurate, with the current touch screen equipment’s identification technology, he/she may fail to select the exact words. Multiple retries may exhaust the user’s patience. In the current words selection strategy in a device like Personal Digital Assistant or mobile phone, only square shape is allowed. But in the real word, users may need to select words in an irregular shape. This invention can solve this issue to allow users to select words in an irregular shape. Meanwhile,our invention can help the user to select all the words he/she prefers by checking the context, it's more convenient.

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Selecting objects with circling in a device

This disclosure describes the system and method of selecting words in an irregular shape and includes :
1. an identification module which can identify the road map when user draws a circle
2. an acquisition module which helps make the user drawing line into a close circle
3. a processing module which calculate how many words can be included
4. a database to store the selected words' pixel


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