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A method and apparatus to protect user from the phishing SMS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246951D
Publication Date: 2016-Jul-18
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This disclosures discloses a method and apparatus to protect user from the phishing SMS(Short Message Service), which will get the authority agency name by the card number, message sender number, or message content, and then get the URL(Uniform Resource Locator) from local DB(Database) by the name. It visits the short URL in the message content on the cloud short url validation server to get the normal URL, then compare the URL with the one gotten by the name to validate whether it's a phishing message or not. And it will block user to access the short URL if the message proved as a phishing message.

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A method and apparatus to protect user from the phishing SMS

Nowadays mobile is the most popular way to communicate with others. And there are more and more phishing SMS received every day received by a mobile device. Some ones can be identified by the software of smart device and put into the junk/trash folder automatically by its regular. But some deliberate phishing messages are sent out by fake base station with legal number as the sender, e.g. some phishing message pretend itself to be a message sent by bank with the correct service number by fake station, and in the content they put a short URL in the content which will be redirected to the phishing site.

The following is a scenario of the phishing message
1. The fake base station will send the phishing message to users' mobile device by pretending itself as the legal organization with the public number
2. In the message it contains a short URL(
http://abc.hd/rN7W, it's sample URL, not a real one), which is hard to identify whether it will direct to the organization's website or not.

3. Once the users click the URL, they will be redirected to a phishing website which is decorated very similar with the organization's website. User may lose their information there, or download some Trojan horse malware from it.


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This disclosure claims a method and apparatus to protect end user from the phishing message, including the following steps.

1. Read the message to get the organization information by the sender number or sender name(Organization name) in the message.
2. Ge...