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A method or system to cognitively add subscriber based on working relationship

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246963D
Publication Date: 2016-Jul-19
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This disclosure describe a method or system to cognitively add subscriber based on working relationship, The working relationship is gotten by peoples's communication, including mail and other collaboration system. It will be updated automatically by analysis the recently communication. When user submit/send the message, this method or system will give user tip for the possible missing user in subsciber or To list

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A method or system to cognitively add subscriber based on working relationship

In the current society, more and more people work together for the same project or product. They may live in different country,or they may work in different business, even if they are in same department, they maybe work for different kind of job. But since they cooperate for the same project or product, the communication become very important. For example, if one defect is related with different people, we usually use tracking system, such as bug management system to notify related people. But some related people are not added in the subscriber list. For example, If user adds comments of one defect in tracking system. He inputs people's name as plain content, i.e. "This problem is similar with another problem which has been handled by Justin in ABC team" In the comments, the comments adder identify Justin as related people, but Justin is not added in the subscriber list. It is possible that Justin needs to be involved in the defect problem. The defect owner gets the defect comments mail, he maybe reply again who is Justin and what's the mail address or phone number, how to contact it.

And there is another example, in the subscriber list, defect submitter adds wrong notification person. he inputs justinlv@XXX.com as notification person, but in fact justinlv@ is in the another department for different project or product, he should input

justinlu@XXX.com who is related with this project or product. So this notification will be sent to wrong person instead of exact person.

So based on the background, we invent one method to update subscriber list. It identifies people nickname in comments in the tracking system and add it into subscriber list. It also find unrelated people in subscriber list and correct it to reduce wrong notification. The communication will be more efficient than before.

This method need to identify people name from comments in the tracking system. The people name may be nickname or first name called by others instead of mail address or formal name in working system. when system find the people with this name, and find he has close working relationship based on project or product with current worker, the system will feedback people information to current worker to confirm whether adding into subscriber list. If adding, system will cognitively update the close degree of working relationship between current worker and subscriber. It includes the data structure in which there are people name and other attributes with close degree of working relationship and latest related time.

System Architecture


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Collaborating Platform

This is worker collaborating platform, current worker and project staff collaborate in this platform. For example, as project plan and management system, all project team works here during the project life cycle, one tester open one defect, and add subscriber in this defect, related people will a...