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New and Improved TV Delivery Packaging Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246989D
Publication Date: 2016-Jul-20
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Disclosed is a television (TV) packaging design that exposes the screen inside the box using a transparent medium and includes a power connector and means for testing the TV at the time of delivery. The customer can inspect and test the TV without removing it from the box.

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New and Improved TV Delivery Packaging

Flat screen television (TV) technology has advanced very rapidly in the last 10 years, bringing with it the corresponding price drops that have helped make these consumer electronic products more accessible than ever before. With the price drop, there is the issue of yield and quality control. Common display defects such as stuck pixels, light bleed, uneven brightness/color, and other imperfections appear in the screen.

These imperfections result in reduced customer satisfaction and very costly return/warranty process for the seller and manufacturer. For example, a purchaser of a new TV might be instructed to not sign off on the delivery before inspecting the condition of the item. This is a wasteful process, as it requires the delivery person to wait until the customer has fully opened the packaging, plugged in the TV, inspected the display, and decided it was all right to take delivery of the TV. This can take about 30 minutes and require more than one person.

This disclosure proposes a new and better way to package large screen TVs, so that the buyer can quickly evaluate the image quality and even the sound of the TV at delivery time without having to take the TV set out of the box.

The novel solution is a TV packaging design that exposes the screen inside the box using a transparent medium. The box is made cardboard and Styrofoam, per current processes, but is also composed of a plexiglass or some other transparent medi...