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Method to provide remote voice navigation capability on the device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246996D
Publication Date: 2016-Jul-21
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This paper suggests a mechanism where remote caller's voice over phone can be authorized to give voice commands to user digital device or connected digital device. Digital devices will be made capable to listen to voice over phone and understand the instructions validate them against the voice level acl's and use the device voice over command capability to execute the instructions and respond back

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Method to provide remote voice navigation capability on the device
We often talk on phone with someone and the caller on the other side tries to explain some concept and asks you to refer to certain webpage or certain section of specific content available online or on the device. During this discussion callee needs to follow the instructions and give feedback and seek further instructions .The remote user giving instructions is on blindspot and doesn't know what's happening at other end.

e.g Caller ask the callee to -> Go to site "" and scroll down and check for updates at the bottom of the page.

Now callee will go to certain device and try to open the browser and open the web page and scroll down , ask for more instructions to locate the information.

e.g In case of internet of things , Caller calls the customer service support and report certain issue with digital device . Customer support person will try to instruct the user to try certain things and give him feed back .For customer support guy its blind spot about what's happening on other side and he totally relies on the user feedback if he is able to follow the instructions , and discussion keeps going to and fro.

One solution can be providing remote control to the user for navigation or share the screen if possible and it is cumbersome sometime.

This paper suggests method where remote caller can navigate the digital devices using remote voice.

Following instructions of remote person on the call or seeking remote help on digital device has been always difficult.

Technology is advancing where user can give voice command to device and device executes the voice command. e.g voice commands on android device and this area is growing every day.

The method workflow:
->Caller calls the callee on the device.