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Methods to facilitate sender to UNMUTE email thread members based on the analyzed pattern of the threads Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246997D
Publication Date: 2016-Jul-21
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Relevance based UNMUTE facility for the recipient for better coverage of current thread context

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Methods to facilitate sender to UNMUTE email thread members based on the analyzed pattern of the threads

Many a times while dealing with emails, we come across emails which are either not relevant to us or after a period we confirm that we are no longer required in that thread. Now, what's the current option to get rid of such emails today? - You have to request by responding to that email to remove you from that email thread. Or certain prior arts suggest that you can MUTE yourself from such threads.

But as this thread progresses, new members are added to this thread and at times there is a need for certain suggestions or queries to be answered, which need your attention or your expertise. So what is the option for the users in the email threads today? They will look down the entire thread, see which user is relevant / expert for the query to be answered in the email and add that / those members back to the email thread.

We propose a way to analyze the relevance of a person who is again required to be a part of the email thread and has been MUTED. We will be using an existing analysis pattern which would help derive relevance.


1. UNMUTING user(s) of an email thread based on relevance of the discussion.

2. Based on provision 1, manual method to UNMUTE selective members.

Use Case:

New enhancement is started for a particular feature for a product . Member 1 to Member 10 are the ones who are working on this enhancement. Enhancement goes on for months together and is completed. Now the enhancement is in the product and released to the end users. Member 1, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9 are now moved to a new product as per business needs. All the released members have been involved in developing core components of the released feature. Rest remain with the same product.

Soon there comes lot of queries and certain more requirements from different customers. The members intact with the product pick up existing mails which have certain discussion intact including all the core members. But, during those discussions, certain members who were released, MUTED these email conversation for better email management and better concentration on the new assignments. Muting themselves at that time was fine as the rest team was able to cater to the new things and build on. But now, this discussion w...