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Preventing missaddressed emails through a recipient confirmation service Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247071D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-02
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DIsclosed is a system for preventing the misaddressing of emails, where similar recipient addresses exist in an organisation, by means of a recipient confirmation service.

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Preventing missaddressed emails through a recipient confirmation service

In an email system, email addresses are often based on the names of their owners. If there are several people in the organisation who have the same or similar names, confusion can arise where a sender wrongly guesses the address of the intended recipient.

    The system herein proposes an interception approach whereby a user regularly receiving misaddressed emails, will register with a recipient confirmation service.

    A sender of emails, when writing to a registered receiver, will be requested to confirm the intended recipient before the email is delivered. The confirmation dialogue will by default only happen once, and thereafter the service will remember that this sender intends to write to this receiver. The confirmation dialogue will assist the sender's decision by providing information about the chosen compared to other potential recipients.

    In a large organisation where there is a single email service, email addresses are often related to users' real names, which enables (encourages) senders to guess the recipient's address. However because some names are common, you can guess the wrong email address by mistake.

For example, John Smith may have an email address of but will often receive emails intended for,,, etc.

    The system herein proposes a recipient confirmation service, which would be imbedded in the email system.

An example follows: (1) Client A registers for the recipient confirmation service.

    The email serv...