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Secure Item Tracking for a Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Delivery System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247073D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-02
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The solution herein describes a way to prevent spoofing of GPS location when using an automated secure delivery system. This provides confidence to both the sender and recipient of the parcel that it has not been tampered with en-route. By using phone signals at defined GPS locations it can be determined whether the GPS location reported has been spoofed. A high level of confidence can be provided that the transmitted route of the automated delivery vehicle was the actual route taken.

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Secure Item Tracking for a Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Delivery System

Semi-Autonomous Vehicles (SAVs) can use GPS to guide them to their destinations and confirm their destination. However, there is still a potential problem with using GPS as confirmation of the route taken. As reported in the following articles it is possible to maliciously spoof a GPS signal so that the SAV thinks it's at its intended destination when it isn't. This would be a real problem, for among others, commercial businesses using SAVs for delivery. Companies need to have the confidence that their drones are really delivering at the intended location and not being maliciously hijacked especially for high value deliveries:

    This is something current commercial and test uses of SAVs for delivery have not solved: s-545782.html

    It's well-known that by using cell tower triangulation methods it is possible to give an approximate location of the emitting phone signal within a given sector from the cell tower: s/

    Phone signals cannot be spoofed in the way GPS can so by enabling the drone to send SMS messages, both at specific points en route and at its final destination, via local cell tower, this will give a close enough location of where the SAV is at a given time.

    This is not as accurate as GPS (giving an approximate location within the local cell tower sector r...