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System and method to discover Privacy Data in respect of active and local privacy laws Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247075D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-02
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We present in this article how a company can check all its data that someone’s data is rightly classified as personal data in order to respect an applicable rule or law specific to a country or region, and by extension the system ensures that applications and data respect any law such as financial, health...

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System and method to discover Privacy Data in respect of active and local privacy laws

The system supports the following characteristics:
•A method to take into account any new data privacy legislation
•A method to (automatically) identify a data set of personal data implied/ impacted by existing or new legislation
•A method to flag data as personal according to applicable legislation.
=> This is about data protection from a legal perspective.

    The novelty is to flag as personal or private only the data that is concerned by legislation. It is not about setting access rights to users. This dataset varies by country and may change from time to time and applied legislation (e.g. Safe harbor agreement being removed).

Overall implementation:

As depicted in the above diagram :
- M1 module: gets the legislation description to create a list of data types involved in the privacy (i.e. Name, address, chronical infection…).

- L1: list of data types
- M2 module: generates the list of synonyms.

- L2: list of synonyms
- MA module: creates the list of standard definition.

- LA: list of standard definitions
- MB module: gets samples of some companies governed by the said legislation whereby the data privacy fields are identified by their field names LB
- LB : list of data from samples
- M3 module: scans and reports private data usage per company
- L3: list of field likely to have data privacy content

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M1 implementation:

M2 implementation:


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MA implementatio...