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Lighting key when pairing with lock Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247086D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-03
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Lighting key when pairing with lock

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Lighting key when pairing with lock

In general we all have several keys for several locks (car, home, drawers and more) and often they are very close to each other in terms of size, color and other characteristics. Any time to need to open a lock you need to identify the right key,

and sometimes it could be not so easy. Let's suppose you are responsible for security in an building having several door than you will have several keys and identifying the right one is not so easy. To solve the issue we propose a mobile app (or any other device running our solution) that, based on GPS position, makes the key lighting when being close to the pairing lock. Any time you are in front of a lock you can activate the application that identify the current position and turn on a signal
(i.e. colored light) on the right key so that it would be really easy for key owner to identify the right key. Hereafter it is described the sequence of steps used by the proposed system method:

1) Keys are enabled with a mechanism allowing to easily identify them (i.e. lighting led) working in conjunction with an application. Application could run on any device such as you mobile phone, or a smart key-ring.

2) First time you are in front of the lock the system will register the key that opened it and its position:

2.a. You are close to the lock with running application and the keys.

2.b. As usual you try keys until you are able to find out the right one, once it is able

to unlock the lock the s...