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A new method to control an application windows don't dispaly on the projector Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247100D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-05
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This disclosure will easy protect private information when sharing screen in public at different locations。It will use different profiles for each location and each profile have a list of applications to indicate if it will hide in sharing screen.

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A new method to control an application windows don't dispaly on the projector

Now everybody using notebook for daily work, they using the same notebook at different location, if they have meeting in the work place and want the notepad connect to a projector, but he don't want do display some application on the projector for public, for example some personal chat dialog, or you don't want to display work information at home. Our disclosure will easy resolve this problem.

Our disclosure will give every application a value to display or don't display on a projector, user can define a profile for a location, for example, home profile,

work profile, and public profile... every application can have different value at different profile.

Below is the detail step to the process:
1. Define a profile for a location.

2. Add the application to the profile.

3. When your notebook connect to a projector the first time, it will prompt a dialog give you a change for you to choice a profile for the projection.
4. The notebook will remember the profile for each projection, so you will not to choice the profile for next time.

Figure 1, Define profile for different location.

Figure 2 For first time, you will choice a profile for a projector, it will auto choose a profile for next time.


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US7685238B2 Privacy protection on application sharing and data projector connectivity
It only protect information for one situation
if the notepad change to different location, it can't...