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A method of launching mobile content and applications based on context Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247106D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-05
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Mobile users not only digest content using their devices, they also rely on different mobile apps to complete tasks. The invention addresses the difficulty in finding the right mobile app or content. The invention provide users with the recommendation of mobile content and apps the upon data gathered from their devices. The input that is gathered includes and is not limited to environment, occasion, and user's behavioral patterns. The invention increases user's efficiency in finding the right content or app and offers more accurate search results based on the input that is gathered.

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A method of launching mobile content and applications based on context

With the proliferation of mobile applications and content, it is difficult for users to search for the right content or pick the appropriate application for the following reasons:

Applications might serve multiple functions. It is no easy job to choose an appropriate application for a particular context. Users need to search content or applications by using a keyword or by paging up or down.

It takes time for some applications to launch.

The invention gathers the following input from mobile devices: Environment, such as the location and weather information

Occasions, including time of the day and day of the week
Personal information of the user, such as the user's health status and behavioral patterns

For example, if the user is in a shopping mall during lunch time, this technique enables the cell phone to automatically searchthe restaurants based on the location and the shopping mall map stored in the database. Then the user will receive information of recommended restaurants inand close to the shopping mall for a lunch choice. Hence the user does not need to look for an appropriate application on the cell phone and search for the relevant information manually.

The invention has the following advantages:
Easy to install

Data gathering and analysis
Automatic data updating and archiving

Cell phones with this technique will proactively recommend information to the user in the following circumstanc...