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Smart Responsive DataTable Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247114D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-08
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Using "summary" view to make data table (with considerable number of columns) more meaningful in size-limited viewport. Summary view is not neccessarily including all the attributes. But only show a group of attributes with high relationship.

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Smart Responsive DataTable

Today, with the popularity of smart devices, people can use a variety of devices to browse TABLE TYPE information on Internet.

For example, students will view their transcripts through the computer, pad or mobile phone. But there is a problem here, each device has different viewport size, so a table with multiple columns may be perfect display on the computer, but the presentation can be incomplete or small scale on a cell phone. Currently, there are some ways which can partly solve this problem. One way is to zoom in to fit the size of the screen, which disadvantage is that it can not see the content of a table clearly. Another way is to select a few columns to show randomly, which disadvantage is that the content is not what the user wants.

So we need a new way to display the content of the table on differnet viewport, which not only can be perfectly adapted to a variety of sizes of the screen, but also PRESENT the most meaningful data GROUP to the user.

In this disclosure, 'summary view' is used to display the data table meaningfully on different size of viewports. Summary of invention as below:
1. Define summary view (number of column / attribute to display) for different screen size
2. For each summary view, analyze all attributes in data table, calculate weights according to the correlation of the N attributes, then sort these N attributes combination according to their weights
3. For specific view, using the N attributes and pre-defiend tempalte, generate the final 'summary view'

4. 'Change another group' is supported to show next N atributes combinations based on their weights

For example, image 1) shows the datatable in laptop resolution, and for pad resolution, cause screen size is limited, only 4 attributes are supported to display.

image 1. Datatable in normal laptop resolution


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image 2. Datable summary view in pad resolution

With this smart summary view, we can provide flexible way to display data table in different resolution de...