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System and Method to Drive Safety Prevent – Drive License Identify Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247115D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-08
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Drive license not check by police only, we need improve our safe conscious, but some time we will ignore this action. so we need a system to help us to do this which name is Drive License Identify. This system can reduce driving potential risk. It can help you to prevent the car thief, also can help you to lend the car to somebody who you want. If you want to lend your car to somebody, it can help you to check this person has a drive license or not. Web server contain the personal information, and the fingerprint information as a primary key that can be a search condition. There is a tool named Fingerprint Recognition was installed by Automaker. It use to open car doors, start engine and it also can prevent thief. But no one focus on drive license check, Because all of us always think only traffic police can check drive license. Driver use fingerprint can open and start car. Fingerprint will theck with door, start button and the steering wheel. If someone want to drive car with gloves, this tool will check with weight in a proper range.

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System and Method to Drive Safety Prevent - Drive License Identify

Lots of drivers do not have correct driving habits. For example: Drunk driving, Driving without license. A good system was bornfor Drunk Driving in USA, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released the first prototype car with alcohol detection technology, it can prevent the driver drunk driving. NHTSA developed non-invasive type of Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS), it can detect the driver within one second of excessive alcohol consumption. The DADSS can reduce the possibility of drunk driving crime.

But many people ignore another thing. That is drive license. A lot of traffic accidents were caused by unlicensed driving. Sometimes we can see the news like a five years old boy driving a car in city, his father just sit and sleep in the co-pilot position; A man drive a Van in the express way that made a big car accident, in the end, police find he does not have driver's license. Why can people drive a car without license? This is a very dangerous issue.

People should not only think about themselves, but also consider others. So here is a safety precautions topic, that we also need a system that can prevent unlicensed driving. In the world, some famous car enterprises had researched the techniques of embedded fingerprint recognition system. This system can recognize car owner and start car. In order to prevent unlicensed driving, this function is not perfect. We need the current driver's information, that information can ensure current driver has driving license to drive a car or not. First, fin...