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U-TRY-U-BUY Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247132D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-09
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Disclosed is a novel digital technology based business process called, U-TRY-U-BUY, in which “U” represents the customer or consumer of digital technology. This innovative process empowers a user in a digital world and allows a retail organization to create “digital delight” by bringing a personal touch to the digital world.

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Imagine the experience of a customer going into to a chosen clothing store and meeting an associate who already has the customer's desired list of products ready to try on and then purchase (i.e., try-n-buy!). The customer does not have to go from rack to rack because the associate has the desired items ready for the customer's arrival. The customer only needs to try-n-buy! Contrarily, most people have a different experience to share.

Shopping has an associated psychological cost. Some of the problems and frustrations that shoppers experience include (but are not limited to):

 Cannot find the desired items (e.g., size, color, etc.)

 None of the items are on sale/do not want to pay full retail price

 Lack of customer service/help with the purchase

Such problems create not only a negative shopping experience, but impact the rate of customer retention, contribute to the loss of new customers, cause frustrated customers return products to the store, etc. This has direct impact on the revenue for the retail organization. A method is needed to improve both the shopping experience and the revenue for the retail organization.

The contribution to knowledge is a novel technology-based business process called, U-TRY-U-BUY (i.e., You-Try-You-Buy) that enables an organization to bring the customer closer to the business and the business closer to the customer. U-TRY-U-BUY is a novel process that enhances and improves the customer experience. It provides a competitive essence that helps a retail organization perform better than others in the market, retain and win more customers, and deliver distinctive value. U-TRY-U-BUY is distinct and unique in its process, integration, and execution in relation to the user experience.

The U-TRY-U-BUY process puts the customer in charge to receive personalized service that reduces the time to search and shop for desired items, while increasing the speed of transaction. The retail organization has an opportunity to build a superior relationship with the customer as the process brings the customer from the home to the store. It also provides the retailer with an opportunity for up-selling and suggestive selling.

The U-TRY-U-BUY process uses digital technology to address the aspect of customer experience. The customer is provided an option to digitally collaborate with a store associate, to whom the system then sends the customer's shopping list/cart. The store associate keeps ready the list of desired products for the user to Try-n-Buy at an appointed time.

Figure 1: High-level view of the U-TRY-U-BUY process


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The U-Try-U-Buy technology works as a service bus within which the various components (e.g., systems, database, and applications) work together. (Figure 2) This service bus integrates with the collaboration tools, human resources (HR) system (to reference employee availability for customer assistance), inventory management system, and links to the product stock keeping...