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Trocar Tip Protector

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247135D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-09
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In general a trocar system requires a sharp obturator to create a path for insert the trocar inside the abdominal wall. So these obturators need some kind of sharp conical pointed tip to minimize the penetration/insertion force during insertion. A small damage to tip can cause a significant increase in the insertion force and can also damage surrounding tissues. The tip damage can be prevented by providing a tip protector with the assembly. This tip protector will also prevent any damage while handling during transportation and before surgery. This invention provides a cost effective solution for this problem.

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Trocar Tip protector 


In general a trocar system requires a sharp obturator to create a path for insert the trocar inside the  abdominal wall.  So these obturators need some kind of sharp conical pointed tip to minimize the  penetration/insertion force during insertion.  A small damage to tip can cause a significant increase in  the insertion force and can also damage surrounding tissues.  The tip damage can be prevented by  providing a tip protector with the assembly.  This tip protector will also prevent any damage while  handling during transportation and before surgery.  This invention provides a cost effective solution for  this problem.  



Tip Protector  

Picture 01 - Trocar system assembly 

The following pictures illustrate the design features of a cost effective tip protector for Excel trocar line.    The opening is the side will not only reduce the material cost but also minimize the force to remove the  obturator and trocar from the tip.  Easy removal will also prevent any accidental damage during  handling.   

Openings to  reduce  material cost  and insertion 


Picture 02 - Tip protector   

Based on the current volume of trocar sales, such reduction in material will lead to an annual cost savin...