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MODULAR SUB ASSEMBLY RACK Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247141D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-10
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Modular rack/stand will move up/down based on product/model needs to be assembled. The modular rack has multiple racks for accommodating/storing parts required for various models/products. When operator selects the product needs to be assembled, then the racks will move up/down based on product/model selection and appropriate rack will moved to optimal position of the operator. The movement of racks can be achieved by either rack & pinion with the help of electric / hydraulic / pneumatic motor or any other means which actuate motion not limited to hydraulic/pneumatic motor.

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Moving stuff from one place to other sounds like a simple matter. But in a manufacturing environment, the logistics can be complicated. Bringing inputs into production, moving work-in-process through the steps of production, and distributing finished products after production raise some of the most complicated challenges. So key to a successful production process is effective logistical planning. one need to take logistics into account as you plan the location of your facilities, as you choose your suppliers, and as you target particular geography. Maximizing this efficiency is an ongoing requirement of a successful manufacturing business.

Traditional Methods which have been used to setup infrastructure for a Manufacturing facility involves Layout Planning, Conveyors, Stands, Trolley Procurement from Suppliers and so many other factors are involved in this.

As on date majority of the factories are using simple space consuming Sub Assembly Racks and other Setup required enabling themselves with Start-Up of Production of the Products because of the limited options available to them.

How can Modular Sub Assembly Stands Optimize Layout of Factories

A Modular Sub Assembly rack/stand can truly be a full package solution for manufacturing facilities in terms of Layout Optimization. However there are other areas as well which can be explored in a manufacturing Facility for which A Modular Sub Assembly Stand can be very useful and helpful all together.

Basically the intent of implementing a Modular Sub Assembly in a Manufacturing Unit is that it can eliminate the use of Big and heavy Storage racks which are usually available in Manufacturing Units for procuring parts from them to complete the Sub Assembly Process for feeding the next line. Modular Sub Assembly has a potential to reduce the complexity and Variety of different parts (Similar looking parts with Different Part Numbers) which we need to procure for completing a Sub Ass of any Line.

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