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Apparatus and  Method for Optimizing performance test in DevOps development lifecycle Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247150D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-11
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The idea is to propose a method to automatically generate an objective script which will sort the request/transaction based on the business dependency, and reorder the most resource consumed part first. In that case, we can get the system resource limitation faster. At the meanwhile, it would save more time to do the retest for ongoing tuning in such continuous delivery development model .

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Apparatus and Method for Optimizing performance test in DevOps development lifecycle

 The DevOps approach speeds up and sustains the software-driven innovation you're planning, developing, testing, and delivering.Regardless of whether your focus is in mobile development, cloud hosting, big data analysis, or social business,you can continuously releasebetter software and services faster, at lower cost and with less risk.

 In every release of PVT(performance verification test) test, we must add some emulation persons and run the script for a long time to monitor the KPI (key performance indicator)of server to judge whether the pressure is achieved maximal.

Normally maximal pressure lies on those transactions which occupy resources most.

Continually and repeat work for PVT is a waste of time, especially for an end to end scenario which the most resource consumed point comes last.

1. Amethod that can help to recreate performance test script that used in continuous delivery project, which can reduce the performance execution turn around time
2. The method of claim 1 , further comprises, business dependency auto detection
3. The method of claim 1, further comprises, transaction based performance KPI calculation
4. The method of claim1, further comprises, the transactions' significant difference detection of multiple concurrent users


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