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Automatic verification of proper mirroring for software product GUI

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Publication Date: 2016-Aug-11
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Automatic verification of proper mirroring for software product GUI

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Automatic verification of proper mirroring for software product GUI

In many cases software product has GUI (Graphical User Interface). It can be desktop, web, mobile etc. type of GUI.

When software product is translated to Arabic / Hebrew language, its GUI is mirrored (flipped around imaginary vertical axis passing in the middle of the screen). Mirrored GUI is also called GUI with RTL direction or simply RTL UI.

Generation of mirrored GUI is not new. Some platforms even have built in tools for automation of such GUI generation. For example Android studio allows generation of RTL UI as illustrated on the image below:

However, generation of mirrored GUI does not assure that it is indeed properly mirrored. In the world in which translation is automated, it would be very much desirable to automate verification of proper product GUI mirroring.

    In general testing automation is not new. There are many tools / platforms used to support this process.

For example Selenium (http://docs.seleniumhq.org/) framework can be used to simulate end user


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interaction with GUI (press button, type text etc.) .

Another type of tools allow automate the GUI testing by providing image comparison functionality. For example Applitools (https://applitools.com/) can integrate with Selenium, takes a snapshot of screen at specified moment and compare it to golden master image of the same screen.

None of those solutions allow efficiently focus and test GUI mirroring functionality.

    We propose a method which can be used to automate testing of software GUI to properly appear in RTL mode (aka mirrored).

The method saves cost of manual verification which usually takes place at the moment .

It also allows quick capture of regressions in GUI mirroring functionality.

Suggested method is general and has no dependency on platform (desktop, web, mobile) on which software is running or programming language on which it was developed.

  The method take advantage of tools / API already present on th...