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Real-time musical composition advisor to prevent IP violation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247171D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-11
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Described is a composer advisor that allows a composer to create music by providing real-time feedback and advice in order to prevent copyright infringement during composition stage of a piece.

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-time musical composition advisor to prevent IP violation

time musical composition advisor to prevent IP violation

Musical copyright infringement is a historically problematic and contentious space. Oftentimes, it is unintentional that a song fragment or musical structure is copied, and the resulting litigation is timely and expensive. In the case of musical inspiration, there are times where a melody or phrasing is stored subconsciously and manifests itself in what a composer believes to be a unique piece or phrase. However, in noted cases such as George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord", copyright infringement and subsequent litigation can occur, even though the author has no conscious recollection of copying a piece of music.

    This invention would be used to "listen" to a composer as she/he composes a piece of music. As chords and notes are added to the composition, a search is conducted in the background referencing a song library or database. As they play, a dynamic search would occur and provide a listing of potential matches based on criteria that can be defined (e.g., chord progression, intervals, instrument, harmonical structure). A list would appear on an output device such as a phone, tablet, or computer. Characteristics that constituted a match would be displayed to the composer, and a confidence of similarity could be applied so that the author knew how closely they may be infringing on an existing piece of music. Scanning would occur of a database of...