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A smart scenario recognition and feedback telecommunication system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247178D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-12
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This discloure provide a method to identify the enviroment of the called party during a calling process and collect and analysis the data from the called party, then generate a summary and give a suggestion to calling party to decide if go on the call and change a another suitable time.

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A smart scenario recognition and feedback telecommunication system

We make a lot calls everyday, but sometimes we may make a call at the wrong time, eg, the people we called may be busy or have something other in hand and not convenient to answer the call.

The called party may select to reply by a message or cancel the call when he don't like to answer, however, this is time-consuming and already disturbed from current work
Sometimes , an improper incoming call may lead to an unhappy/dangerous results, eg, if you are talking with some VIP, or you are been interviewed, or you are driving, etc.

The invention provide a method to detect the situation/ environment of the called party using a smart auto-recognition and analysis system, and give recommendation to caller for continuing the call or not
A signal triggered system to detect and analysis the environment of the called party, to conclude a proper suggestion/feedback to the caller
A notify system which will start a monitor process under request, and end when reach to the target state
A advisory system which will give proper suggestion based on the detection result of the situation of the called party


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