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Mail box croweler for Business and Personal goal definitions Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247182D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-12
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The article discuss the possible solution which could automate work done in many big organizations which follow standard models of modern corporations when evaluating its employer efficiency. Usually each employer needs to fill-up a list of goals vs achievements in order to have their work properly evaluated. This is a time consuming process which needs to be done quite regularly to not miss any important events. Below publication describe a possible use of Mail box crawler which could automate that work with a help of a cognitive analytics engine.

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Mail box croweler for Business and Personal goal definitions

More and more time we are devoting to fill up our business and development goals in various class of tools that are changing constantly across years. Corporation are putting great pressure on the class of utilities that measures the personal progress in various areas, like: skills, experience, customer relationships and etc. This process
is very time consuming and sometimes collides with business activities that has greater importance over it.

The main problem is with defining the goals which sometimes are not transparent and are defined behind daily business activities. The idea is to create a plugin for mailbox databases to automatically index the content of it and based on its content propose goals to the tool, which maintain people progress, so that user could only import them and do not have to enter them manually.

If user's work is depended on different class of tools than anyway this information

will be stored in the mailbox database which we could be extracted and crawled for it further in the third party tool. For example: User has access to RTC or GIT repository. Crawler learns that information from mailbox database, based on the invitation e-mails containing user and password and then activates the crawler which does further data mining in RTC or GIT repository.

As the results of this automation everybody can see the list of activities with the pre-defined status of progress for each.

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