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Emails message aggregation comprised of hashtags generation, association and text mining Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247190D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-15

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In this article, an improved methodology is proposed for displaying aggregated keyword search results when users view/edit emails. Hashtags are widely used in social media but little used in email keyword search. In order NOT to waste too much time to recall historical email contents, our idea is using hashtags to categorize email contents and to show up keyword search results immediately. Besides, because users may not sequentially look up historical email contents ordered by received date, the instant aggregated and integrated results are considered multiple factors including manually and automatically added relationship among hashtags using text mining technique, and so on.

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Emails message aggregation comprised of hashtags generation, association and text mining

Nowadays email is widely used as a form of business communication. It may be delivered back and forth among specific users since decisions are often made after lots of discussion.

When viewing/responding email, sometimes it is necessary to search or check messages which are mentioned in previous discussion for users to get the whole picture about current progress or problems encountered right now. However, keyword searching and tracing data is such a time-consuming job that diminishes our efficiency.

Accordingly, there is a need for an improved methodology for displaying aggregated keyword search results when viewing/responding emails.

Imagine this scenario:

While writing or reading emails, people may trace messages which are mentioned in previous discussions. As users' mouse hover over the hashtagged keyword, a pop-up panel shows the aggregated searching results. Thus, he/she can easily look up previous mails containing related issue and respond more efficiently.

Claim points:

1) Our idea is to leverage hashtag mechanism to do quick keyword searching inside an email message. In email communication, a hashtag can be added to keywords that users wantto tag to specify the events or concepts that are only valid/meaningful for a limited duration without actually creating a folder and set rules to categorizethem.

2) Hashtags association with other hashtags (#A tag= #B tag)

3) Hashtags generated by text mining in emails. (ex: nouns that appear most in the mails/articles)

4) An aggregation UI for hashtags associated mail/articles display

Component Diagram:


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Flow Diagram:
Aggregation UI for hashtag associated mail/articles display


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Our idea is to add a hashtag field at the beginning of an email. All hashtags in the mail will show in the hashtag field and sender/receiver can directly add hashtag keywords. As user enters hashtagged keyword, all identical keywords in email will automatically be added with hashtag.

While writing or reading mails, user may trace messages which is mentioned in previous mails. As user's mouse hovers the hashtag keyword, a pop-up panel shows the aggregated searching results of related messages according to mail received date, hashtags and related hashtags.

For example, if Lisa Lin wants to trace previous discussion emails concerning "Server1 build", all she has to do is simply hovering over the mouse to the hashtagged keyword "Server1 build" then a pop-up window with relevant emails which mentioned about "Server1 build" will show up for her reference.


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