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Method and apparatus of dynamically displaying music for outdoor training Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247191D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-15
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A dynamically display music system can calculate the optimal cadence in time frame then play the music with corresponded tempo and the length to improve the profprmance of outdoor runners and riders.

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Method and apparatus of dynamically displaying music for outdoor training

In indoor cycling classes, the instructors usually use music to synchronize participants' pedalling with the rhythm of the music. For outdoor cycling, the factors of environment is more complex than indoor cycling. The riders may not be able to maintain a constant cadence during the length of a music. The pre-selected play list is insufficient to help the riders to adjust their pedalling to achieve the best record.

Core Idea:

By collecting the physical information of the rider, the mechanism information of bicycle, the geographical information of the position and the route, the system can calculate the optimal cadence in each time frame. Based on that cadence, the system can play the music with the corresponded tempo and the length. It also can plan the seamless music list for the coming route according to analyzing the structure of the music. Moreover, the system can fine-tune the speed of the current music dynamically. It will help riders to pedal with the optimal cadence precisely.


1. Help riders to meet the training goal precisely

2. Protect rider's health

3. Prevent cutting music suddenly

Claim point:

1. Analyze bike, rider, route information to come out the optimal music list

2. Precisely display music with the corresponding tempo and the length based on the optimal cadence in the route.

3. Track the rider's physical data and the riding data and dynamically adjust play list

4. Calculate music tempo, length and structure to switch music smoothly when the optimal cadence change

Sample scenario:

1. Andy...