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P2P self-driving car breakdown assistance Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247194D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-15
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A system and process to automatically profile and broadcast the transport needs of the passengers of a car in the event of an accident/breakdown. By sharing the information with a network of peers the rescuing time will get reduced.

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P2P self-driving car breakdown assistance

In the event of a breakdown with a smart car, as in the event of any breakdown, there are two possible outcomes:

    1) The car is fixed right there in that very moment 2) The car is towed and dropped in a garage
In any of these two cases the process involves that the users of the car have to wait for the road assistance and then to get to their destination, sometimes for hours. It is the waiting for hours issue that this invention addresses.

    The core idea is saving people the "waiting hassle" by making the car which broke down to broadcast a help message (contents to be defined in #4) to other smart cars on the same road.

    These other cars will analyse the message sent by the one suffering the breakdown and decide if they are a match or not, offer themselves as such and subsequently picking up the users of the car which failed.

    The car that was left behind can drive itself to meet with the owner afterwards in a set-up location once it is fixed.

    The invention comprises at least: 1) A module connected to a set of sensors on the car which registers the information about the trip (the sensors can keep track of the # of occupants of the vehicle, the weight of the luggage - or even its size, the destination(s) as programmed...). In the event of a breakdown it will create a breakdown message (described below) containing the current information of the trip and will prompt the user for any non-measurable extra info needed (such as "splittability" or the luggage-need flags)

    2) A communication system allowing the cars to broadcast/receiv...