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Method and System for a Health System Built-In Game Platform Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247292D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-19
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Disclosed is a health-monitoring system that is built into a gaming platform and, using Internet of Things monitoring devices and cognitive analysis, helps facilitate better health for a gamer.

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Method and System for a Health System Built

Method and System for a Health System Built-

Excessive and repetitive video gaming can lead to bad health, obesity, depression, repetitive strain injuries, skin disorders, and other health problems. Current methods to address this issue include, but are not limited to:

Rehabilitation centers where persons with gaming disorders are interned and treated by health professionals. The drawback here is that this is considered a corrective method after the person has developed a serious disorder .

Blocking the game or reducing the game experience, which is a more time-reacting method, but usually frustrates gamers

who are not allowed to play at the top level

Exercising games are invitations to persons who are not completely engaged in video games, but want to practice some exercise indoors, which is not really address the need to persons with gaming disorders

Using monitoring devices (e.g., devices that measure biometrics) to measure the physical state of the person. This is not integrated in the game platform and in fact must be used separately .

Current wearable devices that capture biometric data and measure and monitor physical health are not designed to be an integral part of game platforms. Instead, if a person wants to monitor this information while playing, the player needs to install a separate application in a computer, laptop, or smart phone, and read that information from there.

The novel contribution is a health-monitoring system that is built into a gaming platform to help facilitate better health for a gamer . The system uses sensors and data-gathering devices, built into the game platforms, to measure physical and psychological health. The system uses the data in real time to realize cognitive diagnostics about the user's mental and psychical health . This non-intrusive method helps prevent health problems related to the video gamer's lifestyle. It is designed to complement the game experience, not change it, or force the user to stop playing video games.

The main idea is to combine Internet of Things (IoT) technology, as it is used in the video game space, with cognitive processing technologies to provide a real and effective diagnostics in order to prevent the physical and mental health problems provoked by unhealthy gaming practices.

The system uses IoT devices such as sensors, video cameras, and microphones, connected to a cognitive interface to provide real time diagnostics and alerts about the psychical and emotional health of a player. This is a non-intrusive method, which can increase the value of game experience for the player.


--In Game Platform

In Game Platform

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The system comprises the following components:

IoT Device

This is the communication interface with the cognitive service. This interface collects in real time, real information about the health parameters of the player. Information includes, but is not limited to: blood pressure...