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Mobile Firewall Replays Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247294D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-19
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Smart Application Firewall and Facade

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Mobile Firewall Replays

Mobile Apps usually interact with corresponding back-end servers. Sometimes they fetch useful information from the server to the device, but most often they also send personal information from my device back to server as well. In particular analytics data about the application usage is sent back to the remote server. In addition, advertisements are transferred back to the app. All this may concern the user with regards to privacy , but also mobile data consumption.

This idea enhances the firewall, but introducing a fake reply to the app. In a "learning phase" the user actually permits the app to contact the corresponding remote server and deliver analytics data. The firewall keeps track of the kind of messages delivered and the return code being returned. After the "learning phase" the firewall starts intercepting the request ("interception phase"), but returns a fake returns code instead (which is a replay of an earlier request). This learning phase and the interception phase can overlap, which means, that the firewall immediately starts intercepts those request, which he already understands, but keep learning new kind of requests, which occur for the first time (at a later point of time).

If the response from the server can be interpreted (syntax and semantics), the intercepting firewall can offer the user to configure how to deal with that information. He could for instance decide to replace advertisements by some specified information...