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Resilience recovery evaluation of artificial grass tested by RSA-G2 Rheometer

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Publication Date: 2016-Aug-22
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Resilience recovery test, carried out on the RSA-G2 rheometer, was established and could well evaluate the resiliency of artificial grass filament. Impact of ethylene-propylene random copolymer (VistamaxxTM) on polyethylene was studied targeting on artificial grass application based on this method. Result showed addition of Vistamaxx TM could improve resiliency of grass fiber, with good repeatability and veracity.

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Resilience recovery evaluation of artificial grass tested by RSA-G2 Rheometer

Abstract: Resilience recovery test, carried out on the RSA‐G2 rheometer, was established and could  well evaluate the resiliency of artificial grass filament. Impact of ethylene‐propylene random  copolymer (VistamaxxTM) on polyethylene was studied targeting on artificial grass application based  on this method. Result showed addition of Vistamaxx TM could improve resiliency of grass fiber, with  good repeatability and veracity. 


Artificial grass is widely used in sports field. Sliding/Friction and Resilience are two important factors to evaluate quality of artificial grass. Most resilience evaluation methods are carried out on manufactured turf, having some disadvantages such as being sensitive to environment condition, requiring large sample amount, and time-consuming. Single cantilever test, carried out on the RSA-G2 rheometer could avoid these problems as well as providing quantitative test results.

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