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Methods & Devices for managing and monitoring Arthritis patients Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247325D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-23
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Disclosed is a system and method for analyzing arthritis pain by considering supervised and un-supervised data to manage and monitor Arthritis based on a cognitive approach.

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Methods & Devices for managing and monitoring Arthritis patients

Novel Contribution of the invention:

A method and system is disclosed for analyzing both supervised and un-supervised data impacting Arthritis condition in a patient. Proposed system leverages IOT devices for data capture and considers additional data such as weather data and uses a cognitive approach to determine the actual cause and impact of Arthritis and then advise necessary treatment plan. The figure below illustrates the various type of data considered and necessary steps to monitor and manage the arthritis pain using a cognitive approach.

A system is described to measure or take reading on continuous basis for all the body

parts impacted by arthritis

An implementation of the above system is proposed combining multiple factors that include (angular movement, stretch and knuckle sound) along with additional information (weather data, patient health information and clinical analysis) impacting arthritis.

A method is described that correlates all the data for arriving at the intensity/impact of arthritis followed by an implementation of the above method.

A method leveraging the above results to identify pattern of different type of arthritis issues, and a method to learn continuously to determine sub treatment path.

The proposed system and method, provides a mechanism to the providers/doctors/care-takers to

Differentiation with the existing system



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understand the exact event of occurrence of injury related to stretch, angle, pressure or any

popping sound from the joints that actually aggravates arthritis condition in the patient. By leveraging the proposed system the providers/doctors/care-takers can replay the state of motion as it occurred in the form of animation of knee movement to understand the state of pain, sound generated points and muscle angle which triggered the pain and level pressure which generated strain. This would assist the providers/doctors/care-takers to study the pre event of patient before he visits clinic for consultation to support his consultation and prescribe medicine and diagnostic for further investigation. It would support disease management and improve diagnosis and treatment/care plan. This also helps old and immobile patients of Arthritis for remote patient monitoring and consulting. The Clinical analysis can be Improvised for other legacy or correlated diagnostic test of Arthritis by aggregating other data.

Concept Description:

Arthritis otherwise known as "joint inflammation, is a general term for a group of more than 100+ diseases and syndromes. It is usually long-lasting, and needs longer treatment and care

plan. For Arthritis, multiple factors impact the patient health and at times aggravate the disease condition.

The proposed system analyzes actual information related to the patient body movements continuously, and leverages existing data or one -time data to support