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Valve Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247350D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-26

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• Valve has 3 pneumatic connections
• Upper air cell
• Lower air cell
• Pump inlet (common supply)

• Exhaust for both air cells within valve body • Force to depress button
• Target 12-15N
• From benchmark studies

• Function Modes

• Inflate both air cells - Forward
• Deflate both air cells - Rear
• Inflate Upper / Deflate Lower - Up
• Deflate Upper / Inflate Lower - Down


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In the third embodiment, the valve does not include plunger and cavities as valve mechanism. Rather, the valve includes a body having apertures adapted to fluidly communicate with the upper port, the lower port, the supply valve and the atmosphere based on the position of the body. The body moves in response to the button being moved to the forward, rearward, upward or downward operational positions, and the apertures.


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Function - Slider (Center Position)

Upper Cell Port - Home Position Lower Cell Port - Home Position Pump Port - Home Position

Air channels inside slider body


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Function - Inflate Both Cells

Upper Cell Port - Forward Position Lower Cell Port - Forward Position Pump Port - Forward Position

2,5mm translation


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Function - Deflate Both Cells

Upper Cell Port - Rear Position Lower Cell Port - Rear Position Pump Port - Rear Position

2,5mm translation

Deflate Port


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Function - Inflate Upper Cell - Deflate Lower Cell

Upper Cell Port - Up Position Lower Cell Port - Up Position...