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Method and System for Using a Tag-How Model to Share Emails in Enterprise Collaboration Platforms

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247359D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-29
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Disclosed is a method to integrate email applications and file applications to create an efficient file sharing process. Rather than attach a file to an email, the approach is to generate and include links to the files in the collaboration files sharing system.

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Method and System for Using a Tag

Method and System for Using a Tag-

When an email user attaches a file to an outgoing email and then sends that email to multiple recipients , each recipient receives a copy of the file. This is not always a necessary or desirable situation. In addition, if this file is revised later, then the user must send a copy of the new file version to each user once again. Multiple copies of the same file are difficult for a user to maintain , consume space on servers, and require complex file version management methods.

Social collaboration platforms include applications that enable users to share files ; however, these are separate from the email application. If the user wants to share a file from the files application in an email , then the user must first locate and upload the file on the files application and then paste the link in the email from the email application .

This is time consuming, awkward, and perpetuates version control problems with documents. An integration between email and file applications is required.

The disclosed method improves known processes to share files in emails by using a tag-how model. This model avoids sharing the files as part of the original email; instead, the approach is to generate and include links to these files in the collaboration files sharing system.

In general, this files tag-how model works as follows:

1. Similar to tags, the user begins typing the name of a file in a field of the email

2. As the user starts writing the name, the system filters and presents the list of all matching visible and accessible files in the

  files application repository
3. If the file is found, then

A. The user can select it for addition to the email

    B. Upon selection of a file, the system adds the name along with a link to the actual file in the files sharing system
4. (Alternatively) If file is not found

A. Then the user has an option to add it

B. The system does not add the file to the email, but to the collaboration system

For security considerations, when a new file is uploaded with this method, the user can select the visibility of the file in the files application, it could be pub...