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Personalized Summary for Social Software Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247362D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-29
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A method for summarizing the information that flows to users of social software, so that user could get brief update on the things that are most relevant/important to the user is disclosed.

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Personalized Summary for Social Software

Disclosed is a method for summarizing the information that flows to users of social software, so that user could get brief update on the things that are most relevant/important to the user. Being social is becoming the new lifestyle of more and more people. With social software and network systems, people are getting more and more connected. Being social is not only happening in one's personal life, but also, in the workplace. Within a business settings, social systems help to improve collaboration, interpersonal relationship, networking, and productivity. The inexorable trend of being social has created numerous business opportunities. At the same time, it is noted that users often use and stay with best-of-breed systems. The competition for the players in this business is fierce, and thus providing features which can improve the user experience and better serve the customers is of paramount importance.

In social software, either designed for personal life or for the workplace, a user may follow others. The user may view the updates/posts from these people daily. There may be cases in which the user is not able to view the updates/posts in one day or for a period of time. This may occur because of lack of time or, for example, lack of access to the system for the period of time. Then when the user does log into the system after the period of time, there may be too many unread posts. The user will fail to read them all and may miss information that is important or interesting.

Known solutions to the above scenario are:
Sort the updates by time and show the user the most recent updates first


Remind the user with posts that are directed @him or @her.


However, these solutions fail to address how important, interesting or relevant the post is to the user and would make interesting ones buried in a huge amount of not-so-interesting ones.

The social software system could detect how long a user does not log into the system.

If the time is long enough and the number of unread posts exceeds a number, deemed hard for a human being to process all of them without arduous work, the disclosed method would start. In an example embodiment, the system would provide a short summary to the user that contains only selected posts that the system believes the user

would be most interested in. The summary may be personalized, for example, every post may be rated according to the user's social behavior and relations that are captured in the social software system. The system and method could help the user quickly grasp what are the most important information or posts that happened in the period of time missed.

The system could incorporate several subsystems, each performing a unique role, namely, social relationship capture subsystem, social behavior capture and analysis subsystem, and summary generation subsystem.

The following identifies an example embodiment.

Part I: Social relationship capture subsystem