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Intelligent Pet Feeder Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247390D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-01
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Disclosed is a pet feeder that collects data about the pet's body and health by linking to the pet's vet records, using a weight sensor to monitor weight of the pet in real time, and dispensing the ideal portion based on the collected information. In addition, the food/water quality in the pet feeder is tested and old food/water is discarded using a waste disposal unit. The information about discarded items is used to adjust the amount of food/water dispensed over time to eliminate waste. The pet feeder sends information about the pet's weight and food/water consumption amount to the vet and pet owner on a daily/weekly basis.

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Intelligent Pet Feeder

Automatic pet feeders require pet owners to manually input/feed the data about the pet's weight, age, and activity level into the system to set up and calculate the amount of food to dispense at chosen times. The goal is to optimize the pet feeder taking the pet's medical health needs into account.

Disclosed is a pet feeder which links to a pet's vet records, and uses the information to configure the amount of food dispensed/removed.

Design of pet food/water dispenser:
- Dispenser able to communicate wirelessly with the vet to download medical records of the pet.

register pet feeder with vet record system.

- Weight sensor near food/water bowl - Nose/paw print detector to determine the identity of the pet in a multi-pet home - Processor that can run a program and has access to a database
Input: weight of pet, medical records which specify other constraints, history of prior feedings, weight of food already in the bowl and volume of water already in the bowl
Output: calculate the amount of food/water to dispense when pet approaches food/water bowl
- Dispenser opens a compartment to dispense food/water based on a trigger set by the program.

- Waste compartment where old food/water is discarded

Steps: 1. Pet walks near food/water dispenser 2. Program activated to
2a. Identify the pet (for multiple pets in the house use nose/paw print detection)
2b. Weigh the pet
2c. Test food/water in the dispenser using a PH level tester or by computing how long the...