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Improved cache for file system scanner Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247412D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-05
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Improved cache for file system scanner

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Improved cache for file system scanner

Currently file system scanner when it builds cache it goes to all mounted file systems and creates a list of every found file along with some additional information as name , path etc. If there is a lot of files on the file system the cache can grow to huge sizes (2GB+).

Our solution improves cache so the consumed disk space is greatly reduced , it also speeds up the scanning process. The main improvement of the disclosed idea is to perform analysis of scanner configuration and software signatures catalog and based on its content filter found files before writing information to cache .

The way file system scanner works now, is that it builds cache based on all files that exist on file system and than evaluates software catalog signatures against that cached information to find signature matches.


Pass 1:
Find all files on file system




The proposed idea is to limit number of entries in the cache , by filtering the files that are written to cache based on software catalog content .


Pass 1:

Scanner analyzes file scanner configuration (exclusions, additional file







This time however, cache is build only with information about files that passed the filters which means only potential matches are evaluated , not all files on file system. This makes cache size as well as required time to scan improve by an order of magnitude.


Build cache containing information like size, name, path etc of all files o...