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Scheduled Medicine Pacifier Deployer

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Publication Date: 2016-Sep-06
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This idea presents a solution to control the dispensation of medication through a pacifer over a period of time. The medication can be supplied once to the pacifier and the infant will be dosed automatically over a period of time (i.e. supply teething gel every 45 minutes throught the night)

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Scheduled Medicine Pacifier Deployer

Today, dispersion of medicine to babies is performed intermittently. There are medications which would be best dispensed at a more constant rate.

A good example for this is teething gel where the baby often wakes up in pain in the middle of the night due to the effects of the gel having worn off.

Today the only solution for this scenario would be for the parents set an alarm clock, wake up
*before* they expect the baby to wake and administer the medication while the baby is sleeping (take the pacifier out of the sleeping baby, apply the gel to the teat and put the pacifier back in the baby's mouth). This, of course, has a risk of the baby waking up during the application of the medication - negating the entire aim of the parents!

The solution to this problem is a special pacifier that has a hollow container (which contains the gel) with an inflatable core within the teat. On a given schedule & as long as the pressure sensor senses that the pacifier is "in use" the core expands, pushing the gel out through the porous sides of the teat. The parent places the medicine in the central container and set the dispersion schedule. The core expands slowly and so the teat is covered by the medicine which the baby consumes.

This solution would be limited to medications that:

* Are viscous liquids (such as gels) that would not flow out of the teat without being pressed by the expanding core.

* Can be safely applied to the baby without parental supervision

Teething gel is an obvious candidate that suits both limitations.

After the medication is applied, the pacifier can be washed/sterilized and the central expanding core be reset so that the pacifier is ready to be reused.

This is different from existing solutions because the medication is...