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Analytical system to auto-approve access request on social network. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247425D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-07
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The analytical method to auto-approve access requests sent on Social Networking. Our solution go as a method, where approvals can be provided in the absence of the group owner/admin

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Analytical system to auto-approve access request on social network .

The traditional way of asking access to the social restricted groups and communities is to email/request the group owner . However this method is very much manual and a bit time consuming one . The approval can be provided, only if the approver is online or physically available to validate the access request.

We propose a analytics based automated review, to act on those access requests which provides auto-approvals on behalf of the group owner / admin .. In other words, our solution go as a method, where approvals can be provided in the absence of the Group Owner / admin
This article brings analytical algorithm to the social application which manges the auto approval of the Access request .

The group owner will be filling up the form with the conditions/criteria that needs to be justified or met by the end users, in order to get access to the restricted group . The service will do a analytical review of the conditions and scan the user profiles for them.

Advantages :
1 - Group owner don't need to invest time in approving those access request manually
2 - Members who seek approval will see no delay, as it is automated and configured to run 24/7
3 - The auto-approval service will have pre-configured fields which will be mapped directly with the fields of the user profile . Hence the group owner just need to give the expected value as conditions
4 - The auto-approval service will also have editable fields, which user can write self written conditions . Those will be treated as keywords, and the search will be performed for those, on the user profile

Key Features:-

System and method to have analytics based auto approval for request.

System to make decision of users profile based on defined criteria.

System to use social network to make provide insight about the requestor to help perform informed decision.

System to use voting mechanism to help take decisions
The group owner or admin would be provided up with a form, where one can fill/write some expected values for user profiles. The auto-approval service form/document will have the option for the group admin to select a few fields and set it's expected value . For each condition, group owner/admin can choose one of the three options, which is Approve , Deny or Dela...