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Smarter video interviews by third party interviewer

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Publication Date: 2016-Sep-07
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Attending interviews to multiple companies in various locations at a time without physically attending to them

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Smarter video interviews by third party interviewer

Problem: Attending interviews to various companies in various locations is very difficult and is time and money consuming. Even if the candidate attends interviews in various companies there is no guarantee to get desirable remuneration.

Employers are facing difficulties in finding a suitable candidate for their job requisitions and for reasonable packages.

Solution: 'The third party interviewer' conducts the interviews of the candidates and the interview will be real time evaluation to the clients/employers. The employers can offer to the candidates a job with the package. This allows the candidate to get evaluated by multiple employers in one final interview itself. It reduces the cost and time to attend the interviews in various places and get suitable package Third party interviewer:
Conducts the interviews to the candidates,
Third party interviewer is having clients/employers partnered with them
Publishes the candidates resume to the clients/employers after initial screening and basic level interviews and rate the candidates based on the interview results
Record the interviews and store those in the servers for employers review before coming to the final interview.


Review the candidate resumes and ratings and compare with their requirements
Access the servers for candidate basic interview before evaluating the candidate in further levels Attended to the live video interview if the candidate is suitab...