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Method and System for Sharing Content with Multiple Users over a Plurality of Transmission Mechanisms Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247434D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-07
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Disclosed are a method and system in the form of a new application, MyApp, which enable a user to share content with multiple recipients over a plurality of transmission mechanisms with a single submission.

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Method and System for Sharing Content with Multiple Users over a Plurality of Transmission Mechanisms

A user may wish to send content to a plurality of recipients. The user may have personal contact lists that differ between transmission mechanisms. For example, a user may be friends on Facebook* with one recipient, but not have an associated email address, or may have one recipient's phone number and email address, but not be connected on Facebook. To send content to a plurality of recipients, without a common

link, the user has to enter the content in a plurality of different transmission mechanisms. Some transmission mechanisms might modify the original content that is being sent to the recipient (e.g., compress an image or video file, which degrades the

quality of the received content).

The novel contribution is a method and system for sharing content with multiple users over a plurality of transmission mechanisms. Introduced herein is a new application, MyApp , which enables a user to link desired accounts (e.g., phone, email, WhatsApp*, Facebook, Twitter*, etc.) for the purpose of efficient communication. MyApp enables a user to broadcast content to a plurality of recipients via a single application, rather than entering the same content into multiple messages across multiple transmission mechanisms.

A user can enter a single message to reach a list of recipients that do not share a

common transmission mechanism. The associated system analyzes the message and generates an optimized hierarchy in order to select the best transmission mechanism for each recipient. The selection process includes consideration of factors such as message size, message content, chance of failure, location (e.g., if user is traveling out of country), type of connection (e.g., roaming vs. in-network vs. Wi-Fi), delivery cost, time of delivery, etc. The system sends the content to each of the desired recipients based on the highest-ranking transmission mechanism from the user's personal contact list. A plurality of transmission mechanisms may be used to distribute the content to all

desired recipients.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for each of the linked transmission mechanisms allow the content to appear to the recipient as if it were sent via the application in which the message was received. MyApp sends pictures and videos via an application that does not compress the file and sends a long message via an application that does not break it up into 160-character segments; all recipients receive the content with minimal impact to its quality. By entering a message one time, the user can reach all recipients in the most optimal transmission mechanism possible for that specific content.

To implement MyApp:

1. The user selects all contacts to whom to broadcast the content, selecting only the names, not the transmission mechanism

2. MyApp pulls contact information from all the linked accounts, creating one contact list. This may already be av...