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Check Processing Systems #3482 Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247447D
Original Publication Date: 2016-Sep-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2016-Sep-08
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Check Processing Systems #3482

OS/2 1.3 System and MICR LAN Overview

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OS/2 1.3 Review

Multi-tasking System - vs - Single-tasking System (DOS)

Task List Window
Communications Manager
Print Control
Print Manager
Emulation Sessions A -D
Emulation Session E
IPDIMICR Utilities
IPDIMICR Transmittal/Software Distribution Services • Full Screen Windows- vs- Windowed Screens Pop-Up Windows Keyboard- Enhanced 101; Can be remapped through Comm Manager e CTRL+ALT+DELETE -IPL the workstations
e CTRL+ESC- Switches to Task List ALT +ESC- Cycles through each Task executing Commonly used Commands
COPY - File by file
XCOPY - Copies into memory first; then copy
DELete- Or ERASE, May be recoverable via Norton Utilities REName
e Back Slash - \


Previous - ••

MD - Make Directory CD - Change Directory



RD - Remove Directory
TYPE - Type output to screen
PRINT - Send output to printer
!MORE - Pipe through more, to break output into screen pages EXIT - To end OS/2 Full Screen or Windowed session
Help facilities; Command line, Title Bar PuU-Downs, etc...

File Naming Convention 8.3; Directories normally DO NOT have .J
Production Directories- D:\PROD\ *.; Approx. 10 subdirectories

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DOS Single Task Execution OS/2 Multi-Task Execution



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3890/XP Sorter Control Program

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IPO LAN Topology

File Servers
MOD 95-0KF; 14" XGA Moniton
mM Token Ring Card 16/4 /A- LAN (SPEED- 16 MGBS) Emulation Card .. COAX
Bernoalli Dual
HP LaserJet ill
Keyboard and Mouse

Token Ring Architecture (Pictures)
Local Area Network (Pictures)

Physical LAN (Picture)

Logical LAN (Picture)


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Host System

3890XP Document Prooessor (Check Reader/Sorter)

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NetMgmt File Mgmt Security

CommMgmt Prt Mgmt

Logon Private Files Password

Logoff Public Files AccesaM

~Mgmt File Access Prog Rest F Mgmt File Control
Net Control

Internet Comm Spooling E-Mail Queuing Protocoi.Mgmt Prt Control Address rea




· ~-­




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Physital LAN

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Logical LAN Configuration

Production File Server Domain



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