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CLD - GemsPipeUpdate Enhancement & Application Design Document Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247458D
Original Publication Date: 2016-Sep-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2016-Sep-08

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Conceptual flowcharts and wireframes

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CLD – GemsPipeUdate- Enhancement

Application Design Document

CLD – Documentum

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Initial Version – Draft

Haresh Gangwani



-Modified Header and footer info.

-Updated the Introduction part and the flowchart.

Vijay Bheemisetty



-Modified the Flowchart

-Updated the Pseudo code

Haresh Gangwani



-Modified the Flowchart

-Updated the Pseudo code

Haresh Gangwani



Updated the flowchart,

Vijay Bheemisetty



Updated pseudo code to reflect the flowchart and the conclusions section

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Updated Appraoch

Haresh Gangwani



Updated the design and the flow based on internal team review

Vijay Bheemisetty


1        Introduction.. 4

1.1         System Purpose. 4

1.2         Description of Design Process. 4

2        Documentum Data Mirror Pipe to Gems.. 5

2.1         Summary. 5

3        Administration.. 1

4        Assumptions/Conclusions.. 1

5        Approach.. 1


1       Introduction

1.1        System Purpose

This section describes the overall redesigned/enhanced process for Documentum Data Mirror job to Gems.

In Current process, for any occurrence of exception/error condition, the batch is in process will be roll backed and try to attempt the same batch as it is in top of the queue.  The job could not proceed further unless the error condition is corrected or eliminated by admin team.


Enhanced Gems Update module will able to handle the above condition in current batch by marking that specific error loan as invalid and will continue with subsequent batches.   The error condition will be notified to the admin team for further investigation.

1.2      Description of Design Process

Design sessions were held between members of Documentum Team CFC and CFCI.


2         Documentum Data Mirror Pipe to Gems

This section describes the overall process and the module level design detail for updating the GEMS table with the information on Documentum.

2.1      Summary

Module Name


Module Type:


Brief Description

Updates GEMS Pipe table with information on Gems side.

Input Parameters:



Update GEMS Pipe table from Gems Side

Processing Logic:

  1. Accepts docbase as an argument.
  2. If number of arguments is more one or less than one
    1. Raise the invalid number of arguments exception and fatal error in log4j entry.
    2. Send Email Notification to the support.
    3. Exit the process.
  3. End if
  4. Read configuration values from custom_config.xml file such as table names, database connection strings and other information as required.
  5. If failed to read any config value
    1. Raise the invalid number of arguments exception and fatal error in log4j entry.
    2. Send Email Notification to the support.
    3. Exit the process.
  6. End if
  7. Check any data available to transfer in the Documentum Pipe Mirror table.
  8. If no data available to transfer
    1. Exit the process
  9. End if
  10. Check any d...