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Discovering Photography Hotspot with Eddystone-URL Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247477D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-09
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Disclosed is a method and feature to help a user (e.g., a tourist) discover a vantage point and capture a good photograph of some nearby object or view. The method sends an Eddystone*-URL to the user's mobile phone, and then the associated website shows the user the right geolocation and best Exchangeable Image File (EXIF) data to successfully capture a photograph of some object or vista that is immediately near the user.

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Discovering Photography Hotspot with Eddystone -URL

People (e.g., tourists) take pictures to capture details of a trip or an area, often taking cues for the best vantage points or image capture opportunities from signage or by watching or talking to other people. This method does not always well serve the user, who might not realize that a desirable point of view or object of interest is nearby. A traveler might not be familiar with the area, or might simply lack experience as a photographer.

Some Internet of Things (IoT) devices deliver/feed information about nearby points of interest to users in a specific area; however, photography is a personal experience, and the user wants to capture the best possible image of an object, vista, etc.

An automated electronic agent is needed to assist tourists in capturing the best images.

The novel solution is a system and function to proactively push information to the user about the best opportunities and vantage points for successfully capturing photographic images of objects or vistas of interest in the immediate vicinity. Electronic agents, established around the best viewpoints in a tourist-dense area, send advice and information via the user's handheld device about taking photographs in the area.

To publish the information, the novel technique utilizes Eddystone-URL* in rapid-fire mode through a beacon device or Raspberry Pi* to identify and reach handheld devices of passing users. When a user opens the published Uniform Resource Locator (URL) on the device, the associated site describes various subjects and/or good angles for taking a picture (i.e., photography hotspots in the area). The website also helps the user move to a correct place/position in terms of geolocation, along with best Exchangeable Image File (EXIF) settings for the smart camera, for capturing the best image of a subject from the website.

The novelty lies in the notification of the photographic hotspot in the user's immediat...