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Artificial Intelligence (AI) A Collaboration Facilitator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247484D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-09
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Disclosed is a comment consolidation engine that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to efficiently organize comments added during collaborative development, while leaving the original artifacts in clear view.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) A Collaboration Facilitator

Modern collaborative systems often use large monitors with touch screens or connected keyboards to communicate and display various artifacts that invite comments. These sessions can have a great many participants and a similarly large number of artifacts on which to comment. This creates a problem of both dimensionality and usability; artifacts can quickly acquire huge numbers of written comments, too many to read and with no apparent structure

Such comments often take the form of various-sized, multiple stuck-on note pages, which can be difficult to visually sort or read and in some cases can entirely obscure the artifacts. (Figure 1, bottom)

If comments are arranged outside of the artifacts, they can similarly become too numerous to read and too difficult to categorize manually.

Figure 1: Artifacts before and after the addition of "sticky notes"

A method is needed to efficiently organize comments while leaving the original artifacts in clear view.

An existing collaboration/message application allows the user to set up categories and then communications are sorted into those categories. This is a slightly similar idea, but does not solve the problem.

The novel solution is a comment consolidation engine. This engine does not require a


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user interface (UI), except perhaps to set user preferences, which the collaboration product developers can do. The comment consolidation engine is comprised o...