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Improved Smart Home Automation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247490D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-09
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Disclosed is a method of linking activities in a smart home to enable automation of tasks.

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Improved Smart Home Automation

Systems and tasks suitable for automation in a smart home still require manual interaction. The user must activate the desired functions. Current automation approaches are still relatively primitive, either preconfigured by the user, or very limited in the scope of what the system can learn.

Disclosed is a method of linking activities in a smart home to enable automation of tasks.

To begin, a centralized system is made aware of all smart home enabled hardware/devices (e.g., networked lights or appliances, networked thermostats, etc.). The system monitors the associated network traffic entering and exiting the house and labels that traffic as specific activities. Labeling these activities provides the user the opportunity to suggest automation or automate certain events/actions that have been regularly recorded during certain network traffic. Each labeled activity is matched with a smart home event and the associated device (i.e., device performing the activity). The user is able to improve home automation based on network traffic and the specific device to which it is routed.

As the residents build a history of specific types of traffic alongside specific actions on the smart technology, the system links the home task with the network traffic. For example, the system might link lowering the brightness on a dimmer-switch in a room that also has network traffic to a movie-streaming website.

In the future, when the system observes the...