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Incentive Based System for Property Maintenance Repairs using Non-Connected Devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247496D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-09
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Disclosed is an incentive-based cloud system with non-connected devices for photographic data gathering and a centralized photograph comparison tool, which is applied to property owners that need to detect and quickly repair issues with the property.

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Incentive Based System for Property Maintenance Repairs using Non -Connected Devices

To obtain contractor or servicer bids to resolving and repair property problems, property owners typically perform manual searches on the Internet, make many telephone calls, and have meetings with prospective companies. Gathering the needed data can be a time consuming process.

The novel solution uses an incentive-based cloud system with non-connected devices for data gathering.

The solution includes implementing an incentive system to gather photographs (photos) from non-connected devices to a centralized photo comparison tool, to detect property maintenance issues. A benefits system uses sourced photos for non-connected devices to benefit participants in the system in the areas of, but not limited to, consumer goods, discounts, services, security, etc. The system also sources photos from non-related actors using non-connected devices in a photo comparison tool to detect property maintenance issues. The system provides a component for incentivizing the participation of contractors in this photo comparison tool when property maintenance issues are detected.

Using photos sourced from non-connected devices (e.g., dashboard cameras, smart phones, drones, etc.), a central comparison engine compares historical images to identify problems with property repair/maintenance. An incentive-based bidding system as a cloud service connects and sends image reports to contractors to bid on fixing the issues. Those with the camera devices are incentivized by receiving a benefit from the property owners for sharing images of their property to the system.

Camera owners participate by:

 Taking photos of properties participating in the system

 Setting up automatic capture of certain properties when in the area

 Agreeing to the incentives provided by the system

 Receiving the incentives provided by the system

Property owners participate by:

 Agreeing to participate in the system

 Agreeing to receive images from non-interconnected devices

 Setting an incentive to the system to provide a benefit to the community of camera owners

 Receiving maintenance alerts/bids when an issue is detected

The system of property owners and camera owners may provide direct benefits to one another, especially when found early, for instance:

 A tenant submitting photos of a rental property may receive a discount in rent for each problem detected early


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 A taxpayer submitting photos of a municipal building may receive an additional tax benefi...