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Unique Sound for "Help In Need" Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247506D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-12
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Methods to identify the people who need help using smart techniques as unique sound for help in need , control panel mechanism and LOB technique.

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Unique Sound for 'Help In Need'


 There are many mobile apps present in the market which can send the information to the guardians / police and is just a button away.

 Here the exact solution for this problem is to build a program or an automatic system which can detect the emergency situation with/without user inputs or manual intervention.

 We were proposing to have unique sound which represents that someone needs help, this way when that sound is made out nearby people would be alerted and do the immediate help and this way we can avoid language barrier too.

 When the person who is in need of help makes the sound (help, Bachao! Etc.,) in their convenient ways, the device will have receiver installed within that radius can identify that sound and make an Alarming Sound as stated above(a "unique" sound similar to what we have ambulance or Fire engine sound ).

 The Device will also have a Sound filter and a sensor that can continuously scan and filter the received sounds within the vicinity /radius to identify the right sound and thereby alert the surroundings.

 This device will have also have a messaging service capability that can send message to nearest Police station and Hospital/Emergency service.

 Also, the integrated GPS can help Police and Emergency service to identify the location and save the Victim.

 Having the said the above, we can also design Emergency Calling bell or Whistles that can make the sound acceptable by the Transmitter.

 The device's control panel itself will also have this system installed, Even if user is not having the mobile, and he/she is audible enough to t...