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System and method for capturing restaurant analytics using symbol recognition Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247508D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-13
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Capturing restaurant analytics is crucial for understanding and improving the catering experience for customers. Currently to extract statistics and analytics, such as time taken to finish a dish or how much time a waiter takes to remove a finished dish requires setting up cameras around the customers and then analysing the recorded times. This may be intrusive to the customers and it is not efficient. This disclosure presents a system and method of capturing analytics and the dynamics of a restaurant using symbol recognition. A non-intrusive camera is set up above the dining table and using suitably placed symbols on plates, placemats and cutlery, a wide range of analytics can be captured by this system.

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System and method for capturing restaurant analytics using symbol recognition

A problem that all restaurants managers face is knowing the availability of seats, ensuring that each customer gets their order taken as soon as possible as well as having their plates taken away soon after they have finished their meal to avoid

waiting. An example where this is particularly important is in busy and large restaurants at events (such as sporting competitions or in stadiums) when the

customers are often in a rush to eat and leave. It is also important in high end restaurants where a particularly good level of customer service is expected.

    It is also very important for restaurant managers to be aware about their customers and the stage at which they are in the dining experience, all in a seamless manner without invading people's privacy or seeming intrusive by checking on them regularly in person. Currently, to find out eating behaviour, cameras to monitor customers are needed.

    The proposed solution will give the restaurant workers an overview of the restaurant and the individual customers and the status of their dining experience in a less obtrusive way without continuously approaching the table to check, which is

of paramount importance to ensure an optimal dining experience. It will also collect quantitative data about how quickly food is served, time how long people take to eat a dish and other dynamics of their dining experience.

Overview of system:

    A camera would be positioned above the dining area above the customers. An identifier is placed on discreet parts of the table and plates or is incorporated into the restaurant's design. Each identifier is unique to its category, for example, a different identifier for use on chairs than the identifier on the plates. The system will tr...