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Method and System for Email Sandwich Verification Pattern Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247512D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-13
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A method and system is disclosed for creating trusted digital identity with a reduced number of user interactions.

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Method and System for Email Sandwich Verification Pattern

Typically, digital identity registering methodologies for users involves validating and authenticating the identification of the user by a series of sequentially established external point of control, accessed by the user. These external points of control may be email, phone number, social security number, and physical USB security key. Establishing of external points of control necessitates at least two or more forms of interaction to create the digital identity, the sequence of form of interactions varying each time.

For instance, using email as verification for digital identity can be classified into two categories, wherein email verification either occurs first or last. The first category

involves user submitting their email on a registration page followed by creation of new account based on personal information details. The second category involves user registering for a new email ID based on personal information followed by submitting an email ID for final verification.

The number of interactions during registration processes often increases the abandonment rates of the user. The use of external points of control also creates latency issues (latency issues in email/SMS delivery, etc.), denial of service (DoS) attacks, etc. during digital identity registration.

Disclosed is a method and system for creating a trusted digital identity by validating an email in a single interaction, without UX page redirects, during user registration. The system is also known as email sandwich registration pattern.

In accordance with the method and system as illustrated in Fig.1, a new user initiates a sign up process from a landing page and the system sends the user to a Registration Start Page. On entering an email id by the user, the system further va...