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Method for Configurable Data Acquisition in Embedded Systems Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247513D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-13
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Configurable Embedded Data Acquisition (DAQ) for Automotive Electronic Controller Units (ECUs)

This article provides a solution that allows a list of signals to be optimally processed and transferred upon Dynamic Memory Read (DMR) request via diagnostic service $23 []. A predefined signal list (DAQ list) which will meet the needs of the majority of users can be programmed into the ECU. Alternative DAQ lists created to meet specific user needs can be programmed into the ECU by flashing a small section of ECU ROM.

An embedded periodic software process (DAQ Process) enables data gathering, data synchronicity, determinism, and access to the first signal values in the ECU following initialization. The DAQ Process gathers and compresses the signals identified in the DAQ list in preparation for transmission over CAN. The prepared data is buffered into ECU RAM at an address identified by name in the ECU A2L (memory map) file.  A service $23 DMR request from this address results in the ECU transmitting the content of this prepared data to the user. Data acquisition tools configured with the information related to the internally pre-processed DAQ list can convert the received data back into usable engineering units. Alternative DAQ lists may be defined at any time and flashed to support specific purposes.

The embedded ECU DAQ Process enables solutions to several problems:

·         It gathers the signals identified in the DAQ List (RO...