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CANCEL CAM DUAL SPLIT TAB Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247547D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-15
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Rotational motion of the plastic cancel cam ring in the steering column control module (SCCM) is controlled by a tab on the inner diameter of the ring, which fits into a corresponding slot in a steel ring pressed onto the steering column shaft. When the steering shaft is rotated the steel ring applies force to the tab on the cancel cam ring, which causes it to rotate. The cancel cam tab must be smaller than the slot in order to assemble the parts, thus some clearance must exist between the cancel cam tab and the slot in the column ring. See Figure 1.

  The clearance between the cancel cam tab and the slot in the steel column ring can result in a rattle or clicking noise when turning the steering wheel during driving. By splitting the plastic so that there are two tabs which press against the sides of the steel column ring when assembled the clearance between the cancel cam tab and slot in the ring can be taken up, and the parts can also be assembled. See Figure 2. This eliminates the potential for any noise resulting from relative motion between these two parts.

Figure 1 - Standard Cancel Cam Tab Figure 2 - Split Tab Cancel Cam Ring Design

Cancel cam ring


Split Tabs

Drive Ring

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