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An individualized incoming telegram display system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247562D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-17
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User applications can provide an API(Application Program Interface) which can get the emotion of the user. The emotion data can be posted to Emotion Server. and the Emotion Server analyzes the emotion data based on time line and weight, then updates the data in real-time. Also, the Map navigation application can speculate user's emotion by analyzing his/her real life tracking. and the Telephony application/SMS(Short Message Service) application can speculate user's emotion by analyzing his/her last call and call history content and SMS messages. Besides, some keywords such as lost, broken and swearwords and so on are very sensitive in the emotion analysis. As a result, The emotion status can be displayed on incoming calls and out-coming calls. Meanwhile,the disclosure can protect user's emotion from the call of "bad guy". The judgement of "bad guy" is based on server data. If the person's calls make many people not happy, the server speculates the person may be a "bad guy".

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An individualized incoming telegram display system


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The object of the present invention is therefore to provide a possibility of exchanging emotional information between two ore more portable equipments in a wireless communication system in a simple but effective manner. But it is not based on social media data.